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Our Clients and Services

Making Good Financial Decisions Requires a Plan

Financial Planning Services

Through our financial planning process we will help you organize your finances, clarify your goals, and develop a plan to reach them.

Most of our clients choose a broad financial plan that addresses multiple areas of their financial lives including:

Cash & Asset Management: We develop a plan to ensure that your assets, income, expenses and savings are consistent with your financial goals.

Risk Management and Estate Planning: We identify your insurance and estate planning needs to ensure that you, your family and your assets are protected.

Retirement Planning: We define your retirement options and develop a plan so you will be on target to retire with financial security and on your own terms.

Investment Planning: We review your existing investments, risk profile, time-horizon, and goals, then design a customized investment portfolio tailored to your needs.

Planning for Major Life Events: We can help you prepare for major events such as providing for a child’s education, caring for elderly parents, or managing a job transition.

We can also assist you if you need a second opinion regarding a specific issue such as funding a child's education or creating a retirement savings plan.

Whether you want a complete financial plan, or need assistance regarding a specific topic, we are here to help.

Annual Retainer Services

No matter how well thought-out, the value and benefits of your plan will only be realized if it is implemented promptly and properly and adjusted as your personal and financial situations change. Most clients don’t have the time or expertise to devote to implementing and managing their financial plan. Our Annual Retainer Service allows us to work together to implement the financial plan recommendations and then on an ongoing basis throughout the year. To ensure that you stay on track to meet your financial goals, our retainer services include:

Implementing, monitoring and updating your plan: We implement the financial plan recommendations including consolidating accounts and investments, selecting and pricing; insurance, estate planning, tax, and other professional services needed to execute the plan. Throughout the year we will periodically review and recommend adjustments to your insurance coverage, estate plan, cash flow and investments as circumstances warrant.

Investment management: We manage your assets based upon time tested investment principles. We build and manage your portfolio to reduce unnecessary risk, investment expenses and taxes so you can keep more of your returns. Your portfolio will be consistent with your goals and risk profile, improving your chances of achieving long-term investment success. We monitor, rebalance and make adjustments to your portfolio when necessary to ensure that your investment plan stays on track.

Assistance with other financial decisions: We assist you with decisions in other areas of your finances including education planning for children and grandchildren, insurance, estate planning, executive stock option planning, mortgage and other major purchases and financing decisions.

Coordinating the efforts of your other professionals: Your financial plan doesn't exist in a vacuum. Most people work with insurance agents, accountants and attorneys. We will help coordinate the efforts and recommendations of these professionals to increase the likelihood that everyone is working together to help you achieve your goals.

Retirement income and distribution strategies: Those clients who are nearing retirement or already retired face the challenge of converting a nest egg accumulated over a lifetime of work into income that will last for as long as they live. We work with clients to build and manage a sensible, tax-efficient investment and spending plan to help them enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement.

Social Security claiming strategies: Deciding when and in what manner to start collecting Social Security benefits is complicated and can have important implications for your retirement security. The wrong decision can cost retirees tens of thousands of dollars or more. We examine multiple options so you can make an informed decision to maximize the benefits that you are entitled to.

So, if you are looking for an ongoing relationship to help with the various challenges that arise in your financial life, our Annual Retainer Services are likely to be a good fit for you.

Seminars & Workshops

For businesses, other organizations and groups, we offer financial seminars and workshops to meet the needs of your group. For further information click here.

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